Cynthia Lummis

Representing Wyoming
  • Cattle Call: Celebrating Freedom on the 4th of July
    As we exercise our freedom on this 4th of July weekend that Americans fought and died for, both revolutionaries and those who have defended our rights to freedom ever since, may we be ever mindful that this is a government of laws, not of men. We can proudly carry on the important gifts of our founding fathers and the many Americans who have fought and died to defend those very freedoms.

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  • Cattle Call: Strong Western Water Bill Good for Wyoming
    Rep. Lummis joined a coalition of colleagues from California and throughout the West to cosponsor the Western Water and American Food Security Act of 2015. This bill, introduced by Rep. David Valadao (R-CA), tackles some of the man made barriers to relieving the dire drought in California. For Wyoming and the west it streamlines water permitting, opens opportunities to increase water storage, and protects water rights. The legislation would also enhance state and local ability to store and use water, beating back some of the federal attempts to take control.

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  • Cattle Call: Wyoming Wins in Natural Resources Committee
    As Vice Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, Rep. Lummis supported and voted for three bills that are big wins for Wyoming and are all bipartisan efforts.

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  • Cattle Call: Sheridan Volunteers House Homeless Veterans
    Supported by Volunteers of America (VOA) of the Northern Rockies, the Freedom Hall homeless shelter has been working to not leave one veteran on the street. Rep. Lummis met with Heath Steel the director of the VOA there in Sheridan. Their hall houses up to 30 people and focuses on giving those who need it a hand up, instead of offering a hand out.

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  • Cattle Call: EPA Rule Claims Control of Wyoming Water
    The EPA announced finalization of the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. Governors, state officials, and stakeholders across the country voiced concerns over the rule and the possible far-reaching effects it may have over state and local management of waters. Instead of working with the local officials and state agencies who know their needs the best, citizens will now have to depend on the federal bureaucracy for management of our most precious natural resource: our water. There are bipartisan bills addressing this rule being advanced in both the U.S. House and Senate.

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  • Vietnam Veterans
    Rep. Lummis visited with veterans of the Vietnam War during a reunion social in Casper, WY commemorating the 50th anniversary of the War.

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  • Kelly Walsh High School Visits Washington
    In Washington, D.C. Rep. Lummis had the pleasure of meeting with a group of High School students from Kelly Walsh of Casper, Wyoming. The students were in D.C. with the Close-up program and visiting the Wyoming delegation.

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  • Rep. Lummis and Cloud Peak Middle School
    Rep. Lummis met with Cloud Peak Middle School’s science team who came all the way from Manderson, WY to compete in the National Science bowl in Washington, D.C.

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  • WY Assistant Principal of the Year
    Rep. Lummis enjoyed a visit with Assistant Principal Fawn Bartlett of Cheyenne East High School who is Wyoming's Assistant Principal of the year for 2015.

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  • Lusk High School Students visit Rep. Lummis
    A group of Lusk, Wyoming's High School students visited Rep. Lummis at her Washington, D.C. office as part of their time in the Capital city with Closeup.

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@CynthiaLummis Bill prevents federal agencies from requiring citizens to relinquish state endowed water rights to use public lands

@CynthiaLummis Water bill allows Bureau of Reclamation to increase water storage capacity when ensuring dam safety

@CynthiaLummis Water bill makes one-stop-shop permitting to streamline construction & expansion of water storage