Cynthia Lummis

Representing Wyoming
  • Cattle Call: ANSAC Wyoming Delivers Soda Ash across the Globe
    Rep. Lummis travelled to the Port of Portland, Oregon to participate in the naming and maiden voyage celebration of a new ship called the M/V ANSAC Wyoming. She was the ship’s godmother at the invitation of the American Natural Soda Ash Corporation (ANSAC) and named and christened the ship as well as activated the first loading of Wyoming soda ash in the new ship.

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  • OGR Subcommittee on the Interior Rep. Lummis Opening Statement
    U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis gave her opening statement at an Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on the Interior hearing she chaired titled “Examining the Department of Energy’s Excess Uranium Management Plan”.

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  • Cattle Call: Lummis Targets IRS
    Rep. Lummis voted for and Congress passed H.R. 1105: Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015. This repeals the estate tax that is devastating to families and family businesses, especially farms and ranches, as they are passed from generation to generation.

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  • Cattle Call: Balancing the Books in Washington
    This week in the U.S. House we passed the Balanced Budget for a Stronger America to get America to a balanced budget and pay off our $18 trillion debt that will otherwise be left to our children and our children’s children. This resolution can guide America on a path to fiscal sanity and greater prosperity, repealing Obamacare and cutting $5.5 trillion in spending.

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  • Cattle Call: Nuclear Armed Iran Not an Option
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress. The Prime Minister’s concerns for the survival of his country, America's closest ally in the middles east, are justified. The peoples of both Israel and America recognize the threat of a nuclear armed Iran and remain adamant that this cannot be allowed to happen.

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  • WY Assistant Principal of the Year
    Rep. Lummis enjoyed a visit with Assistant Principal Fawn Bartlett of Cheyenne East High School who is Wyoming's Assistant Principal of the year for 2015.

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  • Lusk High School Students visit Rep. Lummis
    A group of Lusk, Wyoming's High School students visited Rep. Lummis at her Washington, D.C. office as part of their time in the Capital city with Closeup.

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  • Hulette High Visits Rep. Lummis
    A group of High School students from Hulett, Wyoming visited Rep. Lummis at her office in Washington, D.C. as part of their time in the Capital with Closeup.

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  • Veterinary Student Visit
    Rep. Lummis met with Rachel Stutter, a veterinary medical student from Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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  • Rep. Lummis meets with Tantri
    Rep. Lummis met with Tantri, a foreign exchange student from Indonesia who has been living with her host family in Big Piney, Wyoming. Tantri spoke of her experiences living and studying in Wyoming and explained many of the differences between her home in Indonesia and Wyoming.

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@CynthiaLummis Soda ash is in everyday items from detergent to glass to toothpaste. Its industry in #Wyoming employs nearly 3,000

@CynthiaLummis Honored to be godmother to the ship ANSAC Wyoming, to name her & activate her first loading of #Wyoming soda ash

@CynthiaLummis Last week I went to Port of Portland, OR to name & celebrate maiden voyage of a new ship called the ANSAC #Wyoming