Cynthia Lummis

Representing Wyoming
  • Cattle Call: Thanksgiving
    Those abroad this week and away from their families for Thanksgiving are keeping America free and allowing us to enjoy the blessings of this Thanksgiving Day.

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  • Cattle Call: American Security and Refugee Assistance
    An overwhelming bipartisan majority in the U.S. House voted to pass H.R. 4038: the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act of 2015. The bill ensures security for America by requiring the FBI Director, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and the Director of National Intelligence to certify every single refugee from Iraq and Syria is not a threat to the U.S before being allowed into the country.

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  • Cattle Call: Wyoming Salutes our Veterans
    On this Veteran’s Day I want to thank Wyoming veterans regardless of your branch of service or time in which you served and acknowledge your tremendous service to our country and to our state. I want to join my friends, colleagues, and fellow Wyoming residents in thanking you for your service, for your dedication to our country, and for your commitment to keeping America free.

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  • Cattle Call: A New Day and an Open House
    This week marked a new day in the people’s House. A highway funding measure that was passed out of committee came to floor and saw a robust debate and amendment process. Dozens of amendments were debated and the votes went late into the nights throughout the week.

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  • Cattle Call: New Speaker Opportunity to Return to Regular Order
    The election of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as Speaker begins a fresh start for the House of Representatives and an opportunity to return to regular order, including more open debate and the opportunity to amend legislation, which will give rank and file House members a chance to more effectively represent their constituents.

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  • Hot Springs High School Visits Rep. Lummis
    Students from Hot Springs High School in Thermopolis, WY visited with Rep. Lummis in D.C. during their Closeup trip to Washington.

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  • Wyoming Air and Army National Guard
    Rep. Lummis met with Maj. Gen. Reiner and some of the staff for the Air and Army National Guard to discuss issues Wyoming’s National Guard faces.

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  • Rep. Lummis Receives Conservative Award
    Rep. Lummis received the American Conservative Union’s Award for Conservative Excellence.

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  • Discussing Impact Aid
    Rep. Lummis met with effected school officials from Wyoming about impact aid as well as education issues in general.

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  • State Principal of the Year from Cheyenne
    Rep. Lummis met with Steve Newton of Cheyenne Central High School who was named Wyoming’s Principal of the year.

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@CynthiaLummis US Spent billions to help refugees in Turkey, Jordan & Lebanon. Makes more sense to help them stay closer to home

@CynthiaLummis The safety, security, and freedom of American citizens should be the federal government’s primary concern

@CynthiaLummis Bill requires FBI Director, DHS Secretary & Natl Intel Director certify each #Iraq & #Syria refugee to US not threat